Lots of people modify old boxers but few of them have as many bespoke parts as this one. Then again, Scott has a business fabricating one-off parts for bikes

Clock and volt meter are just for show. The Daytona speedo displays volts anyway. Pic by John Owen Photography

Scott’s BMW R65 cafe racer

A few months ago Scott’s BMW R65 cafe racer got a Rupe’s Rewires loom (see here for details). Since then he’s sorted out a few final points, and ridden the venerable boxer around in the sunshine, often parking it outside coffee shops. Now the bike’s for sale. It has a lot of unique parts, made by Scott over the past five years. It was recently featured on Return of the Cafe Racers. If you’d like to own the bike Scott is on Instagram on #scdesignfab.

Ignition and carb setup were fine tuned at Scriminger Engineering, a BMW twin specialist

Tail unit sits on a slender steel sub frame