DIY loom building manual: two buyers write..

“I just finished reading your Loom Building Guide. It was such a good read so I just wanted to say, Great Effort, you have done well in getting some of your expert knowledge onto paper (but I believe you would need volumes to capture all of your knowledge on this subject). It is a good enjoyable read showing great insight into the black magic of looms with great practical tips and tricks of knowledge gleaned from a man who knows his craft and knows it well.
“I am looking forward to putting my skills and your insight into my 1996 Triumph Trophy BRG that I am rebuilding, can not wait.”

Michael Kosef


“I managed to rewire my bike! Yeey! Couldn’t have done it without your e-book – such a gem! Six full days of work. My job is in IT so I am behind a computer all day, loved working on it.
“I didn’t follow your advice and went for the superseal connectors… what pieces of shit they are… lesson learned.
“I live in Hong Kong so I am very much constrained by space. I struggled the most with the length of the cables and using too thick of wires for the lighting. Getting the cable splits/pins on the right location. Basically I had to redo it twice. Thanks a lot:)”

Paul du Long