Rewired last winter and now running sweetly

It took almost three weeks to build the loom

Gary’s Rocket 3 (finished)

I gave this mighty motorcycle back to Gary a few months ago, having done a full rewire for him. The bike still had some rough running issues, which is never ideal, but can’t be helped sometimes. A session at BSD Performance near Peterborough discovered a moribund fuel pump and a malfunctioning sensor. Even then it was a while before Gary had the time to sort out a few final details.

Now spring is here and he’s reported that it’s passed its MOT and is running perfectly. I’m pretty stoked – this job was easily the hardest one I’ve ever done, as you might notice from looking at the wiring diagram.

Gary is keeping this thing until he’s too old to ride it, so it’s great to have it on song

Modern fuel injected bikes are a bit more involved than a Manx Norton