Sean, glad to be out there

Trees and motorcycle also glad

Sean’s Overland Honda XR650

I built the electrical system for this bike in early 2020, when Covid was first taking hold, so it’s no surprise that owner Sean has only now managed to start riding his Honda around other continents.

Here he is in Washington, which still has enough wilderness to contain bears, mountains and huge trees.

I built the loom to be as weatherproof as possible, which is tricky with so many aftermarket goodies to link together. But so far it is fine. It’s got Denali LED spotlights, an LED headlight, a Vapor dash, a USB charger, and an aftermarket alternator that can charge the battery. The battery itself lives in about the only place it can, under the rack on the tail unit.

Thank you Sean for remembering to send the pics. Much appreciated.

Panniers not needed today

Basildon it ain’t