rhs f 34

The very expensive LED headlight also contains the indicators

00 before rhs

Before: lots of external splices and relays, in the usual 1980s BMW style

02 after rhs

After: a bit less of everything. That leaned-over grey thing in the middle is the regulator

Rowan’s BMW R45

– Can you build a loom for my R45?

– Sure. The waiting list is six weeks.

– Can you do it in time for the Bike Shed Show in two weeks?

– Er…

Rowan must be persuasive because I ended up building a new loom on his bike when I had planned to spend the time sorting out my Enfield. His R45 is a kind of classic BMW cafe racer, with GSX-R600 Big Piston Forks, laid-down dirt racer shocks, a delicious metallic green paint job and a tiny seat. It uses the latest LED technology (Rowan is in the lighting business), with integrated indicators front and rear, and a strip tail light. Apart from that, and the battery under the swing arm, it’s stock, right down to the points ignition and separate rectifier and regulator.

It turned out to be an unusual loom. Almost all the action happens in a 12 inch strip under the fuel tank. Fortunately Rowan had fitted new switchgear with the new lights, saving a lot of the stripping and cleaning which is normal with old components. The bike was ready in time.

And it’s not paint on the tank and mudguard. It’s a type of vinyl wrap. You’d never know.

It might remind you of Wallace's teeth but the strip LED tail light is very bright

It might remind you of Wallace’s teeth but the strip LED tail light is very bright

03 way to crimp tiny wires

LED components invariably have skinny wires. Using a 1mm bore PVC like this is a way of attaching normal-sized connectors

rhs r 34

Daft, impractical, delightful. And great to look at. Those exhausts are made in Italy by Zard