A mix of new and ultrasonically cleaned connector blocks

These pins look new, but they’re 37 years old

Some of these are brushed clean, some are still covered in green gunk

Gary’s Suzuki RG500 loom

This is a simple restoration job. Gary was building a standard RG500 and the loom was a bit corroded and scuffed. With new looms out of stock, could this old one be brought back to full function, and checked for continuity?

Hard to say until I could see it, but Gary took the chance and sent it anyway.

As it turned out, it was in pretty reasonable condition – possibly because it was a Euro model loom so had not been through a UK winter (aka salt bath).

I unwrapped all the damaged tape, and rewrapped with Certoplast. It’s not exactly the same as the original matt tape Suzuki specified but it’s very tough and neat. For the blocks, I removed the pins and cleaned the plastic housings in hot ultrasound. Normal washing-up liquid is fine as a detergent.

Once exposed, the pins can be de-corroded with a brass brush, and painted with a little silicone grease to keep future corrosion at bay.

A new sleeve makes all the difference

This is Certoplast tape. Very handy stuff for wrapping

The main loom finsihed