Bob's CMC


This is the bike outside the Rupe’s Rewires workshop, when the door was still brown


Bob’s Manx Weslake

Bob’s unique Brit single has been to the workshop twice – once for a loom and custom electronic ignition, and a second time to wire in an electric start (which is no mean feat on the bike with a battery in the detachable seat hump).

After much effort on Bob’s part the bike is fully sorted and has made it onto the cover of the Feb 2020 issue of The Classic Motorcycle. Pick up a copy in your local newsagent and read all about it!

Original points and Vape replacement. We didn't use either in the end

The points the engine was designed with, and a Vape ignition we didn’t use

05 alton

And here’s the electric start gubbins, fitted after Bob got (rightly) fed up with the kick start