This is the only pic I took. It’s not one of my best

Will’s other ZXR750 track bike

I did Will’s first ZXR track bike in autumn 2022. It came with an Ignitech ignition supplied by a German tuning shop, Bikeside.

I could not get the ignition to work, and eventually had to get BSD Performance to sort it out. Andy at BSD has lots of experience with Ignitech’s software, and eventually got it running. His reckoned it had the wrong program in it for the ZXR.

So I was prepared this time when the same thing happened again with Will’s second ZXR. It too had an Ignitech ignition supplied by Bikeside. Thanks to a car technician colleague, Paul, I can now make basic changes to the Ignitech package. But I still couldn’t get a spark. So off it went again to Andy at BSD.

Same solution – Andy loaded a different program and the bike was OK. And it now has a neat, tidy, minimalist loom. If only I had remembered to take some pics. Oh well.