Rupe’s much-cherished GS tractor outside his workshop

And here’s what lay behind the headlight

Rupe’s R1150GS

This isn’t me. It’s a different Rupe, who is also a good friend. Confusion is avoided by him being about a foot taller than me.

I did Rupe’s Husky 610 short track bike a few years ago. This time he wanted something simpler: a switched power source on his GS for a sat nav.

I find the best place to pick up a switched circuit on older GS models is the wire to the pilot light, just behind the headlamp. That way you are spared the horror of removing the fuel tank.

The fairing and headlight came off easily enough, and sure enough there were the wires. Unfortunately the passing of the years had turned the PVC sleeves to rice paper.

Obviously the correct procedure is to strip the entire bike, inspect the loom for similar degradation and replace or repair as necessary. A quick call to Rupe revealed a second strategy: fit the bloody thing and worry about it later.

Don’t you love it when a customer knows what he’s doing?

The pilot light wires themselves were OK. Here’s the sat nav feed and earth spliced in

And here’s everything taped up and renewed as much as possible