headlight plug

The headlight plug uses spring contacts for the wires. Bicycle gear ferrules crimped onto the wires make the connection tidier and more positive


The new ignition switch came from Goffy’s Brit Electrical Emporium

Richard’s 750 Commando

Nothing too tricky here; the bike was built by the great Norman White a few years ago, and featured in Classic Bike magazine. It’s a lovely machine, beautifully assembled, and it pulls like a Harley from low revs. But it had developed a strange habit of cutting out the lights at night.

We traced the problem to a loose connection in the ignition switch – just one of those things. We also took the opportunity to add modern connectors and switches wherever it might help, plus a blade fuse rather than the original glass one. Richard also wanted narrower handlebars; the originals were like you’d get on a flat track bike.

A simple but satisfying job.


The original dipswitch wasn’t very positive. Richard went for this period replica switch instead


Tidy sled