With a few tasteful mods this thing looks more Suzuki than when Suzuki made it

The solenoid was a tight squeeze but it fits under the tank

The layout is dominated by the snaking battery cables. Nick wanted to use the old fuse box for sentimental reasons

Nick’s Suzuki GSX1100

Nick is one of a group of guys down south who love motorcycles and mess about together. And they are all kind enough to get their bikes rewired with me. Thanks chaps.

Nick’s project is the latest, and it’s a classic intepretation of Suzuki’s early 1980s bruiser. He wanted it as simple as possible – not even any indicators. The most exotic bit was a Dyna rev limiter, which hooks onto a standard Dyna ignition. To change the rev limit, just twiddle the knob on the side of the box.

I used as many thin (11 amp) wires as possible to keep the overall loom bulk low. The only tiny snag in the build was having to add a changeover relay to get the left handlebar switch to work properly. (It had come from a 1990s Yamaha).

You can see from the wiring diagram how simple the bike is. If only they were all like this!

The Dyna rev limiter piggybacks onto a normal Dyna ignition. You twiddle a knob to set the limit

The battery is a really tight fit. I made custom spacers to ensure the cables would fit in the space, and the positive terminal would be properly insulated