Dymag aluminium wheels, Racefit pipe, race Keihin carbs, K Tech suspension, John Sims frame, Rupe’s Rewires loom. Wow

The dash has a lot of separate bits: oil pressure light, tacho, menu switch, water temp gauge and ignition. It looks complicated but everything is individually removeable

Quick shifter lives at the back, with the lightweight connectors down by carb #1

The loom is all PVC sleeve to resist vibes and be easy to work around. This is a one-into-three joint

Michael Rutter’s Classic TT XR69

I don’t often get the chance to work on a bike this awesome. It’s a Classic TT racer using a Bandit engine and John Sim frame, which takes the original 1980s XR69 idea and pushes it to the outer limit.

An old mate from Performance Bikes. Johnny MacAvoy, is part of Michael Rutter’s team, and

We decided not to use battery insulators because everyone in the team is a grown-up and insulators will only slow them down

What a beautiful thing

This is how good the frame welding is. The coils use locking spade connectors

Battery 1 in the tail. Battery 2 under the seat