Here we are with the fairing semi-dangling off various improvised brackets I made, just to get the cable lengths right

Don’t be put off by the scrappy appearance. This is development work, using Cagiva Super City bodywork and a custom-built fuel tank. It will all look amazing later

The white-faced speedo is adapted from a Yamaha scooter. Gavin is designing a dash that combines all these components into a coherent whole

Gavin’s Cagiva V-Due 500 Squalo (part 2)

This unique motorcycle, based on a single sketch by Massimo Bordi when he worked for Cagiva, is nearing completion. It features the 500cc two-stroke V-twin engine developed by Bimota in the 1990s. You know – the direct-injected one which famously didn’t really work.

These days it can be made to behave, mainly by chucking the fuel injection and fitting carbs. The guy who does this lives in Germany, so a few months back I built it a quick ‘n’ dirty loom, so that he could get the carbs and ignition set up.

This time it needed a full road loom, complete with indicators, sat nav, fuel pump, electric start, warning lights, fuses, Scitsu tacho (Gavin is an ex racer), a charging and cooling system, temperature sensors and more. Big job.

The underseat exhausts and 916-style suspension rocker under the seat make space incredibly tight behind the tank, but there is enough room. It’s a pleasure to work on something so bespoke. It’ll be back in 2021 for a final run-through after the bodywork and paint is done.

The Zeeltronic ignition can run all sorts of other devices, including power valves and this multi-stage water pump driver

The area behind the headlights. Everything will be mounted properly once it’s back with Gavin

It’s about 92bhp on the dyno, and it weighs about 130kg, so quite lively.