Hard to believe this bike is 35 years old. It still runs like a good un

Dean’s FXR Harley

Dean is a repeat customer – his previous bike was an old Z1000 chop built by a friend who had died. This Harley is Dean’s more regular ride.

For the past ten years it’s given no trouble, but had never had indicators. Finally, traffic conditions led him to decide he needed them. He also asked for a few general tidy-up operations, and to sort out a high rpm misfire which had disappeared after he bypassed the kill switch.

Harley make their looms in a unique way. They are really, really tough, but when the sleeving eventually cracks, or the wires build up high resistances, they are extremely difficult to repair.

Fortunately the indicator wires were still hanging around, and a set of previous repairs had been done by someone competent. Fixing the switch was a question of gradual elimination of high resistances. Eventually I got the voltage at the coil to match battery voltage, so problem solved.

The original headlight setup used big white plug connectors, but they were getting a bit crunchy. I went with Japanese bullets instead

Those pipes ain’t very quiet