1980 GSX1100 CRC Harris Magnum

This is another CRC bike built to the same spec as their Honda CBX1000: it’s got Dyna ignition, Deutsch connectors, Smiths clocks, Motogadget warning lights, and a D-Unit interpreter box for the Ducati Hypermotard switchgear. One of the trickiest problems with the German-made Motogadget stuff is joining their tiny cables to the normal-sized wires of a standard loom. I worked out a solution, but it’s a secret! Although the wiring diagram is complicated, most of the design is the same as the CBX (the bike I did first). As with all specials, the trick is to put the connectors and cables where they will be least visible. Finishing the loom and seeing the bike fire up for the first time was incredibly satisfying. The bike was built mainly by CRC’s brilliant Will Allen and Simon Martin.