The Koso and warning lights sitting neatly on the fairing bracket

How it looks from the rider’s point of view

When you’ve got four coils it’s miles easier to make a sub loom

Will’s Kawasaki ZXR750 track day bike

Will bought this bike as an ex racer, to use as a track day bike. It was already stripped down and just needed a custom loom to complete it.

He’d found some aftermarket stick coils, which can give a small power increase. They also tidy up the top of the engine. Stick coils are odd because you have to run the pairs in series, which is slightly counter intuitive.

Will had bought the bike with an Ignitech ignition, supplied by Klaus Dony’s German shop Bike Side. When you fit an Ignitech you have to change the fuel pump relay. Kawasaki’s original relay is transistorised, and works with the ignition pulse signal. Ignitech uses a normal relay, so the fuel pump powers up as soon as the ignition current kicks in.

It was a busy week, so I forgot to take a pic of the completed bike. Sorry! Just imagine a tasty, stripped-down ZXR with trick suspension.

Here’s the Ignitech, with its programmable PC connection port

Stick coils tidy up the top of the engine