A handsome little thing

One thing that wouldn’t fit in the ‘tool box’ was the solenoid. So it needed a bracket behind the left footrest

It’s actually bolted to a redundant engine mounting lug

Marcus’s BSA A50 Royal Star

We’ve had a few Fenland Chopper bikes through the RR workshop. They are very nicely made, and invariably feature a steel cylinder under the seat into which you have to squeeze all the electrical gubbins. As you can see, this ends up looking quite neat, but is an absolute arse to do well.

Steve had built this Hinckley 900 twin for rallies and fun rides. It’s extremely simple electrically – he didn’t even want indicators – so the main challenge was getting everything as unobtrusive as possible. Custom tail lights, for example, come with short wires and 3.5mm bullet connectors. If you leave it like that it looks terrible, Far better to extend the cables using your chosen wire colours to match the rest of the loom, and put the connector inside the magic cylinder where people can’t see it. Same deal with headlights (and usually with switchgear and indicators too).

I hope you agree the resulting simplicity was worth the trouble. Steve was pretty pleased.

Tiucked inside: a latching relay (for the push-button indicators), fuse box, ignition unit, changeover relay (to kill the headlight during cranking) and ignition switch. An old Honda rubber shroud protects the switch contacts

And now with the cover on

Custom tail lights need lots of thought and modification, or they look messy