When buying an old bike, the main rule is to make sure it is as complete as possible. I forgot this

The revived engine going back together at Farnsworth’s workshop

The old stator was goosed. I replaced it with a three phase one. Costs the same as a single phase

Coming back together. The main obstacle was, as usual, finding the time to do it. And paying for the bits

My 1971 BSA A65 Thunderbolt

I bought this non-runner US import in October 2022. It was missing loads of bits, had a hideous exhaust, and the engine was more or less cattle trucked. Getting it on the road involved a total rebuild. I did the chassis and electrics, and my friend Rupe Farnsworth built the motor.

I added Pazon ignition, a couple of fuses, an LED headlight, and a three-phase alternator – controlled by an A Reg Three regulator rectifier from the ever trusty Goffy Electrical.

It took many sleepless night, and the input/assistance of all my mates at The Splined Hub. Thanks especially to Azza Painter for the frame and swing arm, Dave Plummer for the Dunlop tyres, Tom Kruger for the paint, and the awesome Jim Hodges for advice, and many engine spares. Jim builds the best Brit bikes I’ve seen.

It’s going to Spain in April this year, so I had better make sure it’s run in and reliable. So far, so good.

I thieved the battery from my old Enfield 500 twin, and made it a wooden box so it fits the battery carrier. The wood had woodworm, which seemed vaguely appropriate

Pazon ignition: easy starting

Not much room on an oil-in-frame BSA. The ignition box just fitted onto the battery box

Here we are, on the first day of running. Quite beautiful if you ask me